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The Bug Reporter is now vailable in the Unity asset store

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The Bug Reporter is now vailable in the Unity asset store

Mensagem  FutWeb em Sab Ago 13, 2011 4:29 am

The Bug Reporter by Olympya Software - Available in the Unity asset store - It may help you

The Bug Reporter works exclusively for Unity associated with FogBugz the world's easiest bug tracker system. If you don't know this (amazing!) bug/issue tracker yet, try it now.
If you are a student, working alone or a small startup, you can use the FogBugz Startup Edition, which is free for up to 2 users, and if you have a bigger team, you can try the 45 day trial visiting


The Bug Reporter is being actively used in the development of FutWeb massively multiplayer soccer game.


The Bug Reporter package is a system that links your project to your bug tracker/project manager allowing you to receive customized bug messages directly from your game.

For more information on the bug reporter and its actions, visit:




Olympya Software is a Brazilian Game Studio and it is developing a massive multiplayer on line soccer game www.futweb.com.br

Any questions please send us an e-mail bugreporter@olympya.com

If you are interested in software engineering education visit




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